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Scrambled Eggs – Monthly Best Ball Scramble


On the last Friday of every month we will play a different format game rather than the routine Stableford competition. We will play preferably a 2-man scramble but depending on the number of players we have on the day we have to do a 3-man scramble. Players will be drawn into the teams randomly on the morning of play as this will create the fairest method of play.


  1. Handicap for each team will be calculated by taking the total handicap of the team divided by the 2 x the number of players (for 2-man team factor = 4, for 3-man team factor = 6) and then rounded to the nearest whole number.
  2. So for example for a 2-man team with handicaps of 23.2 and 14.6 the team handicap will be (23.2+14.6)/4 = 9.45 or rounded to 9.
  3. For a 3-man team with handicaps of 28.4 ,21.5 and 18.3 the team handicap will be (28.4+21.5+18.3)/6 = 11.36 or rounded to 11.

Format of Play

  1. Format of play will be best ball.
  2. Each team member will tee off and the team members will decide which ball to be used for next shot. All team members except the player whose drive was chosen will then play the next shot from this location. For all subsequent shots all players can play and the best one chosen. Exception to this rule is if the ball is driven onto the green then all players will be allowed to putt.
  3. If ball is on the fairway the ball can be placed within 1 club length from original ball position not nearer the hole, if the ball is in the rough or in a hazard the original ball will be played as it lies then each of the other players will drop a ball within 1 club length to that location and then play their shot. If you drop the ball 3 times and the ball is still outside a 1 club length then the ball will be played as it lies. No placing of the ball in the rough or hazard is allowed. If a ball is in a bunker then the original ball will be played as it lies then each of the other players will place a ball within 1 club length to that location not nearer the hole and then play their shot.
  4. Repeat this till the ball is holed out and the net score recorded for that hole taking into account the handicap allowance for the team.
  5. Each team member will have to use their tee shot a minimum number of times as follows: 2-man team = 9 times, 3-man team = 6 times.


  1. Every player will put in RM10 to the pot and the winning team will take the pot.
  2. The winning team will be the one with the best Stableford for the round.
  3. If there is a draw between teams then there will be count back for best Stableford for the last 9 holes. If still drawn then the last 6 holes, then the last 3 holes then the last hole if still drawn.
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