FRIDay Expat Gentleman's Golf Society

FRID’ Eggs Rules


  1. GROUP ETHOS : The FRID’ Eggs golf group is a group of like-minded golfers who enjoy a casual game of golf every Friday at a variety of golf courses in and around Kuala Lumpur. The aim of the group was to bring together those golfers of a similar nature who enjoy playing golf in a casual fashion but strictly to the Rules of Golf. The original ethos of the group when formed was “No Cheats, No Wankers, No Smokers” ….. the group is somewhat lenient on the last item but players of course must adhere to general etiquette and courtesy when playing in a group and should refrain from smoking on the course or over the lunch table  …. the first two items however will not be tolerated.
  2. GOLF RULES : Golf will be played strictly to the Rules of Golf with any applicable local rules applied at the course to be played. If preferred lies are to be applied given the course conditions this will be announced on the day prior to tee-off.
  3. MEMBERSHIP : The FRID’ Eggs group is a small golfing group and wants to remain a small group with no plans to increase the group membership to large numbers.  Membership of FRID’ Eggs will be by invitation only. Players wishing to invite a prospective new member to the group will invite them to join as a guest for 3 games and then if the majority of FRID’ Eggs founder members agree then that player will be allowed to become a member if there is a membership slot available. Guests can be invited along but will depend on available flight slots with preference being given to FRID’ Eggs members. The total membership list will be restricted to a maximum of 24 members excluding the Founder Members. Once a guest has played 3 times then the founder members will decide if the player can be accepted into the group as a member. A player will need to have a minimum of 8 games played per year to maintain their membership otherwise they will be removed from the active membership list.
  4. FLIGHTS : To maintain the FRID’ Eggs golf group at a reasonable number weekly golf games should try to be optimised at 3 flights (12 players). However if there is sufficient interest we will open a 4th flight and this will only be fulfilled if there are a minimum of 3 players for the 4th flight. So for player registration after the e-mail goes out from the organiser the 13th and 14th registrants will be placed on a waitlist but if a 15th players then registers this will open up the 4th flight. Any players registering after 16 players have already registered will be placed on a waitlist. To try and encourage regular players to be registered for the following week’s game we will also initiate a system whereby if you have played one week then at the lunch that day we will ask if those players who want to pre-register for the following week’s game and they will get preference. Any player who registers and confirms to play and then makes a habit of cancelling prior to the game (say 3 times) will be penalised by being taken off the registration list for the next 3 weeks.
  5. USGA HANDICAP : Games will be played using official USGA handicaps as calculated by the handicap system administered by Stuart Taylor and updated on a weekly basis. Stableford scoring will be used for all weekly games and all scores will be recorded, published here on the blog and input to the handicap system. A player joining the group will need to enter 5 games into the handicap system before an official USGA handicap is calculated. Until such time that player will not be eligible for the winner’s prize.
  6. WEEKLY GAME : Weekly games will take place on Friday mornings and will generally tee-off at 8:00am with a usual meeting time of 7:30am at the clubhouse. Any player who is late will be fined RM20, this being a deterrent for latecomers which can create holdups in registration and tee-off. This will be strictly maintained so 7:30am at the club means at the registration table by 7:30am latest. We do not want to fall into the situation where we are all waiting on the one player who is always late and holds up everyone else.
  7. COURSE MANAGEMENT/SPEED OF PLAY ETIQUETTE : Players are encouraged to practice good course management to efficiently navigate round the course, play at a pace such that you maintain your position behind the preceding flight and practice good golf etiquette, i.e. not talking while players are taking their shot, going in front of players as they are about to play, not walking on players’ lines on the putting surface, etc, etc. Players should all be always ready to play their next shot when it is their turn and if they cannot score any Stableford points then pick up and move on.
  8. SCORING : All players are responsible for making sure a legible and cross-checked/validated scorecard is submitted after the game. If errors are found on the submitted card the lowest Stableford or highest Gross Score will be used and if the player with an incorrect scorecard submitted has the winning score then he will be disqualified.
  9. REGISTRATION : An e-mail will be issued a few days before the weekly game and a positive e-mail reply will be needed to be registered for the game unless the player has pre-registered at the previous week’s game. It is important given the limit on flights to 4 flights max that early registration is done to avoid disappointment. The final flight listing will be issued the day before the game. Flights will be randomly allocated on the day at the course using our randomising application. As stated before preference will be given to members over guests.
  10. COSTS : For the weekly games the cost of green fees/buggy/caddies/insurance will be shared in a equal basis between all players, rounding up to make it easier for registration and to cover for odd flights with extra buggy charge, etc. Any excess monies will be pooled in the kitty for the lunch and drinks after the game.
  11. PRIZE : All players will pay an additional RM10 at registration for the winner’s prize. The winner of the day will receive a free lunch. The winner will choose the course to be played the following week.
  12. LUNCH : All lunch costs for food and reasonable amount of drinks will be split between all players (with the exception of the winner). Any excess funds from the registration costs will also be used to go towards the lunch costs. The group do not support the purchasing of large quantities of drinks by a few of the group who wish to continue drinking after lunch. The bill will be settled after lunch and if those wishing to continue drinking this will be at their individual expense and not from the shared cost of the group which is only fair.




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